Be Yourself because You cannot be Anyone Else — Day 118

I woke up today feeling remarkably fresh and eager to have a great day. This was despite the fact that I had a lot of work in store for me, but I was determined to meet the challenge head-on. I went out for a run to clear my mind and gather my thoughts, had a nice breakfast, and then went off to work fully prepared.

It turns out I was up to the task, because I was pretty much unstoppable with everything I did today. The writing was a breeze, and so were my chores later in the day. In fact, I got done with my chores so quickly that I had to double-check whether I had actually finished them all. I was so proud of how well I was able to do everything, I decided to treat myself to some low-fat ice cream. It was also pretty hot today, so I guess it was to help me cool off, too.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 118 #YOC

If your physique was based on your most recent workout, I’d probably look like Hercules right now.

Tonight’s workout was just as great as everything else, as I really put in an astounding effort. I was lifting heavy with intense reps, and I was able to push myself to failure even better than I usually do. This was in part because I gave my muscles extra time to recover, but I was mostly because of how ridiculously motivated I was today. I ate dinner like a champion that night, and you could even say I did the same while falling asleep!

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 118

I was so proud of myself I didn’t even realize that my portions are smaller as they are now my normal.

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Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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Max Ignatius Atlas

Max Ignatius Atlas

Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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