Best Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation Story– Day 58

I woke up today in good spirits, but my body was lagging behind a bit thanks to what I fed it yesterday. After eating healthy for so long, you can really tell just how bad certain foods are for your body. As a remedy, I drank a lot of water and made a smoothie with the greenest vegetables I could find in my kitchen. To be honest, I’m not sure if that did a whole lot, but it definitely made me feel good about myself!

I went on after relaxing in the house for a bit, and the fresh air must have had an effect on me, because I felt much better after that. I almost considered getting a small dessert while I was out, but I did promise myself that I wasn’t going to make indulging a habit. Besides, it’s much easier to curb my sweet tooth than in a healthy manner than it is to satisfy a craving for fried food–no matter what it is, it’s still fried.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 58 #YOC

Days 58, no six pack but feeling good for sure.

I went absolutely nuts with this night’s workout. My replacement bench came in the mail, so I spent about an hour putting it together before getting down to business with my favorite exercises, and I felt unstoppable while doing them. I’d say that after today, I’ve more than made up for the KFC I ate yesterday. There’s no doubt that I’m going to be a little more sore than usual, but when I remember how that just means I worked extra hard, soreness becomes a feeling I embrace.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 58

Back on track after yesterdays mess up.

Geo Diet Day Fifty-Eight Plan


Vanilla Protein Shake (320 cal)


Chicken Breast
Mixed Salad


Cheddar Cheese
Tomato Puree


Tropical Addiction


Homemade Flax Seed Granola & Yogurt Parfait

Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 58

Work, eat, sleep repeat, NOT ANYMORE.

For Geo Life Accountability Daily Planner, Click here

Daily Exercise Planner Day 58 Geo Life Year of Change

Stuck to same program as yesterday as felt good, tried to max out my capacity.

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Quote of the Day

I love those who can smile in trouble…
Leonardo da Vinci

Day 58 of the Year of Change Wrap Up

Wow what a day, I had to give into a bench, it was not expensive, but my home made one was just becoming an issue with he increased weight and intensity.

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2 Month Body Transformation Male Plan — Day 15




Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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Max Ignatius Atlas

Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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