How Long Does It Take To Transform Your Strength, Fitness — Day 65

Max Ignatius Atlas
3 min readMay 7, 2021

I woke up today with a throbbing headache that I assumed would just subside after a while. I had been feeling so good lately, I felt that my body was bound to pull itself together sooner or later. I was hilariously wrong.

My head was still aching even after eating breakfast, so I tried taking a cold shower to see if that would help. I even tried drinking cold water and sitting down for a long meditation session, but it was no use. When I got to work, I found it incredibly hard to concentrate, as I was too busy trying to get my head to stop pounding. I ended up getting virtually nothing done. Not to mention that eating with this bad headache actually made me feel nauseous, so I ended up eating half my lunch.

The only things I ate the rest of the day were a few snacks and a small dinner. As a result, I ended up forgoing my workout due to a lack of energy. Suffice it to say that I was miserable by the time the day was over, all because of a persistent headache. I was extremely hungry, but couldn’t really eat; my body was begging for exercise, but I didn’t have the energy to work out. I was in an impossible situation.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 65 #YOC

I have moved the camera to the garage the room has 3 large double windows, I will try and sort the lighting our best I can but for now just going to have to live with it. I have too much stuff packed into the garage to get to the windows without half a days work.

I felt so bad that I actually ended up taking some ibuprofen for the first time in months. While taking analgesics marginally reduced my discomfort, I regret making this decision. I want to find natural remedies that will benefit me in the long run, and taking ibuprofen doesn’t help in that regard. Hopefully, I can get back on track tomorrow.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 65

Healthy food, but having to keep my portions in check, I certainly have a large appetite and while the food is nutritious I still need to be careful not to eat to much.

Geo Diet Day 65 Plan


Exotic Protein Shake (272 cal)


Greek Yogurt


Mixed Salad


Carrot — Orange Juice


Mixed Nuts
Cottage Cheese

Daily Planner of Geo Life Accountability Day 65

Work, work, work I often question myself on money and work and lifestyle and think there has to be another way, yet I cannot see it, not clearly, workdays are at times like a fog.

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