How To Lost Body Fat Sustainably and Lasting — Day 164

Tonight I slept a little bit longer than I had planned, but I definitely enjoyed the extra rest. As a result, I felt refreshed and eager to tackle another mountain. This time, I attempted to run up Mount Taylor, which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best decision to do without surveying first. I only made it about halfway up before I started to tire out, and I had to briefly stop soon after. However, after a series of short breaks, I managed to get to the top eventually. I guess my HIIT training really paid off in this regard! Next time I’ll be sure to reach the summit in one go.

I had a relatively light evening in terms of workload, but instead of relaxing, I decided to tidy up our bedrooms. I guess this was out of habit since I’m doing some sort of errand pretty much every day. Somehow though, doing a bit of cleaning was actually relaxing in itself, and I definitely felt better after the job was done. Keeping your living space tidy (especially where you sleep) is much better than doing intense cleaning every once in a while. I can’t stress just how wonderful that’s been for my psychological health.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 164#YOC

Losing weight is getting harder as I progress further, but I’m going to keep at it.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 164 #YOC

I had a great vegetarian dinner tonight, and topped it off with some fruit as “dessert”. I really wanted something sweet, but since I had dessert not too long ago, I decided to go with a healthy alternative. It turns out that cravings for sweets are usually caused by sugar withdrawals, so I’ve been able to handle them much better since I’ve started cutting back on added sugars.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 164

Graduating from two-day vegetarian to three-day has definitely helped me grow accustomed to plant-based meals.

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