How to Stop Being Lazy and Take Control — Day 94

I was nearly scared to death by a loud crash that woke me up early in the morning, and it turns out that one of our kitchen cabinets fell off the wall, maybe from the flood weaken the join. Luckily, only a few things broke and I was able to fix it up relatively quickly, but the whole incident left me feeling a little anxious about more cabinets falling as well. I made a note to myself that I would call a chippy later to make sure everything is secure, and I did a brief mindfulness session before I went back to bed. This really helped relieve my anxiety, and I was able to get some decent sleep afterwards.

Work went smoothly, and when I got home the contractor confirmed that the other cabinets were secure. That was a huge weight off my chest. I can’t emphasize just how well I handled this whole ordeal compared to how I would have a few months ago. I likely would have been too anxious to sleep, and might have even started stress eating junk food. Naturally, situations like these are bound to make me a little uneasy, but I now know how to respond to them in a much healthier, more effective way.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 94 #YOC

Even small physical gains produce a massive boost in confidence.

I decided to do another full stretching routine, but this time I did it before working out. I feel like it helped me work with a better range of motion, but beyond that, I didn’t notice too many benefits this first time. I’ll probably keep trying it to see if it works better down the line, though. All in all, I had a pretty strong workout.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 94

Today really had me wanting bacon and pancakes, but luckily I was able to resist the call.

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