If You Want a Six Pack be Prepared to Pay the Price — Day 145

This morning was really tremendous. I woke up eager to prepare my mind, had a hearty breakfast, and finally had a really great run. I can’t stress enough how well this refined routine sets the tone for each day. Peace, reflection, nourishment, and a good challenge–it’s simply the perfect way to kick off a successful day. In fact, any day in which I go out and perform my earthly duties to the best of my abilities is a success in my book, and my routine helps me do just that.

The rest of my day went just as well. Since today was a vegetarian day for me, I picked up some plant-based food for lunch. The good thing is that there are literally tons of vegan and vegetarian options in restaurants, and some are even exclusively vegan! Plus, they definitely make plant-based meals better than I think I ever will. I’ll probably look to emulate some of this food when I prepare my own meals, as I would definitely be willing to eat like this on a regular basis.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 145 #YOC

It still amazes me how much clearer my skin is getting. I never would have thought this would be a byproduct of getting fit!

Tonight’s workout was pretty standard, but nothing special to be honest. I put in a decent effort, but I was somewhat bored with the exercises I was doing. Perhaps I should look to retire some of the exercises that I’ve been doing for a while, as that’ll both keep things interesting and give my body a new challenge.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 145

Hopefully, learning to love vegan food means I can do my part to help the planet.

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Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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Max Ignatius Atlas

Max Ignatius Atlas

Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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