Keep Doing, Just Dig Deep and DO — Day 131

As I went on my usual run this morning, I was surprised to see just how many people were out and about. If you can believe it, one of the major reasons why I didn’t go on runs was because I was afraid of looking out of shape to other people. Even though I’m in much better shape now, I’m still not the most graceful runner, but I’ve stopped concerning myself over how people may or may not think about me. After all, I can’t control other people’s thoughts, but I can always control my own and do what’s best for me.

I took my kids to the park this afternoon and brought some food to have while we were there. They were actually pretty mellow today, as I didn’t have to chase them around nearly as much as I’ve had to in the past. Another surprise was that they actually wanted to eat the food I brought instead of asking for fast food on the way home. Perhaps after helping me prepare meals the past few weeks they’re starting to learn the importance of eating healthy…but I’m guessing they just forgot that a McDonalds was right around the corner.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 131 #YOC

You can really see how much my quads are benefiting from hill running.

Tonight called for another vegetarian meal, and it was just so-so for me. I’m hoping I can learn to appreciate this food more, as part of the battle is having a good attitude towards healthy eating, not just healthy eating itself. I don’t think you can really say you’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle if you regard it as a burden, so I’ve got a lot of work to do in that department. Still, I’ve no doubt that I’ll get there in time.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 131

Someday I’ll love vegetarian/vegan food as much as I love meat…I’m calling it now.

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