Keep Going But Make the Choices for You — Day 159

I felt extremely eager to get back at it this morning, and things started off pretty superb. I blazed through my morning routine, which even featured a run-up Tuggeranong Hill (an amazing view once you get to the summit). It was definitely a challenge, but I was so motivated to perform well that I was practically in a trance. Once you start to love the prospect of exercise as much as I’ve grown to love it, you really come to appreciate even the more laborious aspects of the process.

Despite a morning full of jogging, my lower body felt surprisingly good throughout the rest of the day. Normally, day after day of running mixed with additional exercise leads to me feeling at least a little sore, but that wasn’t the case today. In fact, I barely felt anything at all! Stretching really works wonders when you do it consistently, and incorporating some foot exercises has also helped. For anyone who is reluctant to spend time learning stretches and other mobility-based exercises, remember that they will unequivocally make your path to fitness easier.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 159#YOC

No matter what, I’m going to be proud of the person in this image.

I walked into tonight’s workout feeling optimistic, but unfortunately, I experienced the same situation as yesterday: I just wasn’t able to perform up to par. It honestly had me a bit worried about possibly regressing, but I quickly stifled that train of thought. Every day, I’ve done what it takes to improve, so the explanation for this slump doesn’t have to do with my effort or abilities. we’re just along for the ride, and sometimes our bodies have other plans. I’m not going to lament the fact, I’m just going to stay ready to perform my best when the time comes.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 159

Lately, I’ve learned just how versatile tomatoes are for cooking. I used to only think of them when I used ketchup for my chips!

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