Make it a habit to Exercise — Day 134

I had a really good night’s sleep, so I was pretty eager to go on a nice morning run. I made sure to pick up any litter that I saw along the way, and I also stopped for some hill running at a spot I had staked out the other day. I’m making good progress with elevated running, so I’ll probably make another attempt at summiting a mountain in the near future. I was actually pretty close the last time, so I think I should be ready to give it another go.

I felt pretty unstoppable for the rest of the day; it just seemed like everything I did was destined to be remarkable. Work went extremely well, I finished up all my errands in a breeze, and I even managed to squeeze in a good amount of reading. I feel freer than I have in a long time like I can accomplish anything if I set my mind to it. I never would have imagined a few months ago just how liberating it can be to prioritize your health.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 134 #YOC

Are those abs I see coming in? It’s been ages since I saw them last (if I ever did)!

For tonight’s workout, I decided I would switch things up a bit, and I did the first portion of my exercises outside. It was a bit cumbersome moving the weights outside and then back in, but I still felt great and it was nice to enjoy the weather while I worked out. I always find it invigorating when I exercise outdoors instead of in a gym, so I’m going to try and do so as much as possible.

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Geo Life Shopping List Week Twenty

The shopping list is now my regular and as needed will buy add hock, however, this list will give you the flavours and calories you need to lose weight while staying healthy.

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Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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Max Ignatius Atlas

Max Ignatius Atlas

Year of Change Change Your Perception Change Your Life

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