Motivation Only Gets You Started — Day 157

I woke up in the morning totally convinced that it was going to be a great day–there were just a ton of signs to suggest the fact. The weather seemed perfect, I felt surprisingly limber and refreshed, and I was eager to tackle all the challenges ahead of me. However, despite how great things seemed to be lining up, I knew that it was still going to be up to me to make the most of the day. Without a strong effort, even a great deal of motivation and good vibes isn’t going to do much for you; always take command, no matter what.

My initial feelings seemed to have some merit, as I approached all the tasks laid out before me with a strong sense of purpose. Work went great (I even got some compliments about how productive I was being), and it seemed like I finished all my other errands in record time. What’s more, I even felt like I enjoyed eating a lot more than usual!

Daily Image Year of Change Day 157 #YOC

Body acceptance has been key to staying motivated on this journey. Make sure to treasure your body no matter what stage of progression you’re currently on.

Despite how tremendous the rest of my day went, tonight’s workout was surprisingly…normal. I put forth a good effort like before, but for some reason, it just didn’t seem significant or even very enjoyable on this occasion. I suppose there’s only so much joy to be found in lifting heavy weights until veins pop out of your forehead, but I guess I was just expecting more of an experience. However, if I did all the work I was supposed to do, it isn’t that much of a loss if my workout wasn’t as invigorating as it could have been.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 157

Had a really tasty vegan pasta for dinner tonight.

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