Never Too Late To Turn Your Life Around — Day 89

I woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day. It was so nice outside that I decided to go for a run before even my breakfast shake. I took a few veggies along with me to snack on as I needed, although I’m afraid I looked a bit like a cow grazing in a field! But hey, it felt really great eating some healthy snacks while enjoying a beautiful morning. If it looks weird, then so be it.

I ended up skipping breakfast altogether and just having a hearty lunch. This wasn’t as extreme as the full-day fasting I tried earlier, but I still feel like I got some good benefits out of it. I spent the rest of my afternoon doing some stretching and mindfulness to help prevent stiffness. Stretches are obviously good here, but you’d be surprised how much tension you can release in your body just by being mindful of it.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 89 #YOC

I am having a panic it will be another static week in the weight loss front, I tried a little fast today after my breakfast shake.

For some reason, I felt pretty tired halfway through tonight’s workout, but I was able to push through the fatigue. I guess working on endurance really strengthens your willpower for when you feel like you’ve got nothing left in the tank. I will say that I was practically about to pass out once I finished–I showered, ate dinner, sorted my blog and will take my very tired ass to bed!

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 89

Fasting for one meal worked better than last time, I felt not as ravenous.

Geo Diet Day 89 Plan


Gaining Protein Shake (280 cal)




Parmesan Cheese
Crispy & Nutty Granola Bar


Love Potion


The Ultimate Chocolate Flax Seed Pudding

Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 89

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