Other People Who Focus on You Are Miserable in Themselves — Day 119

I woke up today still proud of yesterday’s accomplishments, but I quickly shifted my focus to the present. I’ll likely be unable to replicate what I was able to do yesterday, and remaining in the past is one of the easiest ways to get complacent. I have to make the most out of every day, and what I did yesterday or what I’ll do tomorrow typically has no bearing on the present. After a hearty breakfast, I was ready to make today it’s own success.

Projects went well today, but it wasn’t nearly as demanding as it was yesterday. Same thing with my daily chores, as there wasn’t a whole lot that needed to be attended to. However, I was bombarded with a sudden round of cravings that was particularly intense. While I was able to quell these thoughts with a bit of focus, this incident reminded me of something I learned about cravings. Foods with high energy density–such as those high in sugar and fat–typically taste much better than other foods. Therefore, cravings could technically be another evolutionary phenomenon. When you think about it like that, that cravings are literally hard-wired into your survival instincts, having difficulty controlling them doesn’t seem as bad.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 119 #YOC

Physical improvements are small and gradual, but each one is extremely vital.

Tonight’s workout was tough at the beginning, but I managed to motivate myself enough to go nearly as hard as I did yesterday. Recently I’ve been thinking about how I’m getting older, and I want to see what my body is capable of before it gets too late. That’s not going to happen if I don’t work as hard as I can every day, so I just remind myself of this fact whenever I’m feeling unmotivated. So far, it’s worked pretty well.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 119

Breakfast was particularly great today.

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