See Beauty in Pain — Day 130

I felt really motivated after waking up this morning, and was super hyped to go on my usual run. The previous evening I researched some spots where I could do some hill running, so I made sure to take a route where I could train for a while. I’ve found that mornings are typically the time when I’m most motivated during the day, even if I’m still a little groggy. With how productive I’ve been lately, I wish I had started making the most of my mornings much earlier.

I’ve put a lot of effort into researching healthy snack options that are conducive to my dietary goals, but recently I’ve decided to cut down on snacking altogether. One of the main reasons for this decision is that I’m realizing that some of the snacks I’ve been eating aren’t as healthy as I once thought. For instance, granola bars have some healthy ingredients in them, but there are typically a lot of added sugars in them, even with the all-natural brands. So, no more granola bars for me…a moment of silence! Besides, it would generally be better to get most of my energy from major meals, which is what I’ll aim to do from now on.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 130 #YOC

Watch out–pretty soon I’ll be model material.

After tonight’s dinner and workout, I made some extra time to work on the book I’ve been writing called Don’t Give Two Shits. It’s going to be a fun self-help book largely inspired by Stoic philosophy as well as my own personal experiences over the course of this journey. I really enjoy writing more in-depth content on my experiences and renewed approach to life, so I hope that I’m able to reach a lot of people with this book (and probably more in the future). With how well things have been coming along for me so far, I’m very optimistic that it will happen.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 130

I keep getting better at seasoning vegetables. I’m guessing that one of the reasons I used to be such a meat lover was that I though all vegetables were bland!

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