Success Could be Just Around the Next Corner — Day 120

It was lightly raining when I woke up today, and as I was getting ready, I made a big decision: I was going to run every single morning no matter the weather. Call it spur-of-the-moment, but I really felt like I was capable of going on daily runs given how much I’ve progressed, and the benefits would be well worth the effort. Early morning exercise is a great way to start off your day, and doing it every day will help prove just how dedicated I am to my fitness.

I had a really delicious vegan meal for lunch today, which I hate to admit doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. I definitely viewed vegetarian/vegan food as flavorless before I started paying more attention to my diet, but I still haven’t been able to shake the negative perception that comes with these sort of meals. This is one of the most important things I’ve learned from dieting: if you regard vegan, vegetarian, or any other kinds of foods as lacking, then chances are you won’t like it. Perspective is paramount, which is why I’m glad I was able to enjoy my vegan lunch today.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 120 #YOC

I’ve noticed my legs getting a lot more toned recently.

For tonight’s workout I did some intense rounds of boxing with short rest periods in between. I decided to do this to challenge myself a little bit, but I think it caused me to get a bit lightheaded towards the end. I managed to pull through, and drinking plenty of water afterwards helped me feel better. All in all, I’m glad I decided to push myself. Growth is often going to be uncomfortable, so I’ll need to be prepared for a lot more than just lightheadedness!

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Geo Life Shopping List Week Eighteen

The shopping list is now my regular and as needed will buy add hock, however, this list will give you the flavours and calories you need to lose weight while staying healthy.

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