Take the Wins and Expect the Losses — Day 100

Surprisingly, I wasn’t hungry at all when I woke up, something that probably hasn’t happened in years. I still wanted to make sure I got some fuel in me, so I just had half the usual breakfast shake before heading out. In the past, I might’ve taken such an opportunity to try out fasting, but that just hasn’t worked out for me. I also learned recently that we over or under-compensate later in the day depending on how much we ate, so fasting might not even be as beneficial as it seems.

I went out to run some errands after I got home, and one of the cashiers from a store I frequent commented on how great I look. This honestly made my day. I cannot stress just how much it means for other people to validate all the hard work and progress I’ve made over the past few months. Encouragement can really make a huge difference in somebody’s life, even if it only seems like a small compliment. Needless to say I was swelling with pride as I finished up the rest of my errands.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 100 #YOC

Every day I get a little more excited to take this picture.

I decided to get a bit adventurous for tonight’s dinner and try a complicated recipe. The preparation aspect of it was the most difficult, but all the extra effort was worth it–the meal was absolutely delicious. Besides, I’ve gotten somewhat used to being more meticulous with my food prep. Measuring out portions and counting calories can seem like a chore once you’ve been doing it for a while, but this little bit of extra time is nothing in exchange for potentially lifelong health.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 100

I’ve been enjoying the food lately, so I’ll probably keep trying new recipes.

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