This Guy Got Shredded in 12 Months TBC — Day 64

I want to slap myself for not fully appreciating breakfast in the past–it really is the most important meal of the day! After having a good, hearty breakfast I felt like I was ready to take on the world like the champion I am. I used to treat breakfast as nothing more than an early opportunity for me to stuff my face, but now I’m realizing how much it prepares my mind and body for the challenges of the day. You also feel much better when you’re not eating plenitudes of bacon and pancakes all the time!

I did buy some beef jerky on my way to work, but I didn’t even feel like eating any because of the great protein shake breakfast I had. I ended up offering some to my coworkers; they said it had a decent flavor, but that the texture was a bit rough. It turns out that being generous has its benefits! I’ll probably end up trying another brand, or just trying a different snack entirely.

On another note, I’ve noticed that I’m being more social with some of my coworkers that I haven’t gotten along with too well in the past. While I could chalk this up to me just looking better (and I definitely do!), I feel like I’ve generally been a friendlier person at work. The stresses of the work environment tend to bring the irritable side out of people, but I haven’t been letting it get to me lately. Now that I have such a positive mindset about life and the world, it seems that my work relationships have been flourishing. I’m glad I can finally appreciate the great people that I’m working with.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 64 #YOC

Found the shorts, they had been making an escape towards the back door, but couldn’t reach the handle. It would seen they are developing a life of there own.

Tonight’s meal was good, but I have still been craving more variety. It’s hard to find time in my busy schedule to prepare and experiment with foods I’m not used to making. I wish switching up my diet foods was as simple as trying out new exercises, but that’s just the way things are. After how far I’ve come in this journey, I’ll gladly take monotony over an unhealthy body and mind.

Geo Life Shopping List Week Ten

Shopping list is now my regualar and as needed will buy add hock, however this list will give you the flavours and calories you need to lose weight while staying healthy.

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