To Not to Do Something You Must is Insanity — Day 110

I woke up early to go for a morning walk, and surprisingly, one of my kids was up and wanted to go with me. Normally I’d tell him to go back to bed, but it was a beautiful day outside and I felt it would be good to share the experience with him. It was different from my usual walks, mainly because my kid wouldn’t stop talking about any old thing that came to mind, but I’d say we both enjoyed it. Perhaps I’d be open to doing it again in the future, but only on the condition that we both be quiet.

Work was pretty hectic today, so I ended up not getting to eat any lunch. Somehow I managed to not feel hungry, but I did lose track of how long I had gone without eating. This is important because I’ve been putting more focus on the timing of my meals and planning what I’m going to eat in advance, as this really helps balance out your energy intake throughout the day.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 110 #YOC

I can slowly see myself starting to become more defined.

Instead of overcompensating with a big dinner, I just opted to eat less than what would satisfy me. This was really tough to do because tonight’s dinners spice combination was particularly tasty. At least I had another opportunity to test my willpower, but I would have liked to do so on a day when I wasn’t having one of my favourite diet meals!

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 110

It’s a shame that sometimes you have to sacrifice the enjoyment of food to improve your health. Yet refocus your pallet to enjoy other foods, thus you end up winning.

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