What it Takes to Get Fit by 40 — Day 6

Max Ignatius Atlas
4 min readMar 6, 2021

I was a bit too overzealous in trying to make up for yesterday’s setback, and now I’m unbearably sore. My entire body felt like it was made out of lead as I was getting out of bed this morning, and you should have seen how ridiculous I looked walking up and down stairs. I can safely say that I won’t be doing much in the ways of exercising today.

Mandatory New Think Warning, caution, warning

The good news is that I’ve managed to keep any cravings in check since the incident yesterday. Since my body is still recovering, I decided to focus on the mental aspect of dieting for today, mainly by practising techniques for recognizing and managing any undesirable thoughts or feelings that arise. I discovered that I had probably been ignoring my cravings until they became too difficult to handle, and I’m now changing my approach. Instead of working against my cravings (i.e. ignoring them), I’m going to work with them in a way that will not compromise my goals.

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Daily Image Year of Change Day Six #YOC

Had the room turned inside out after swearing never to wear the burgundy shorts again to no avail. Anyway here I am sore all over after yesterdays marathon effort. Still as a day off managed to put a shift in, not a bad Saturday overall.

I feel like I made a valuable breakthrough today, and it might not have happened if I didn’t buy that bag of chips. I guess this goes to show that sometimes failure can be a good thing, especially when it happens early on in the journey.

Certainly looking for positives and embracing the failures as opportunities. This is honestly even so early on a lightbulb moment. What do I want my life to mean. Ask yourself do you want to leave a legacy, help others, give back? Or short term pleasures? I don’t think there is a right answer but I know which path I want to walk down.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day Six

The meals are going well, I will start making notes of the recipes and posting them, thus I have reference points for the future. The taste I am already starting to look forward to which is great, at first I thought would never get used to it.

Geo Diet Day Six Meal Plan


Orange juice


Chicken breast — 300 grams


Mixed Salad Leaves
Pork Loin — 300 grams
Cheddar Cheese




Almonds — 25 grams

Daily Planner of Geo Life Accountability Day 6

Sleep was ok when I woke up this A.M however as I said could definitely feel the pain which was good I guess, this morning I used the counting backwards on 5 tricks when the alarm went off and jumped out of bed. My wife commented what the heck am I doing, I said “Year of Change” she rolled her eyes and went back to sleep I think. Anyway, the entire family are enjoying the meals, however, for the kids, I have to modify them as they don’t like mixed salad so much, but that’s cool, better than pizza and chips.

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Daily Exercise Planner Day 6 Geo Life Year of Change

Lazy day today even though on a day off so a little disappointed did a good near 2 hour walk, but no body weight exercises.

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Day Six of the Year of Change Wrap Up

This morning managing to get up with the new technique felt good, however felt like hit by a steam train was not totally expected. The more I read about meditation the more I want to start incorporating it into my life and as I can compose music think will do my tracks, as then I know will suit me, and if nothing else I can get lost in the music. Taking ownership of the day is certainly healthy and wasting little time is certainly increasing my productivity.

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