Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Adults– Day 82

Max Ignatius Atlas
4 min readMay 21, 2021

I’m convinced that life is just better when you get up early. Even when I have an opportunity to sleep in, I feel inclined to make an early start to my day. It’s not just that I have more time to be productive, but I also feel more in tune with nature when I rise along with the sun. Getting enough sleep is just as important though, but I’ve been able to find a good balance as of late.

I decided to walk my family to the park this afternoon so we could all enjoy the nice weather. I find that walks are really peaceful and refreshing, so it was great that the whole family was able to join in. Don’t worry–I made sure to feed my kids beforehand so they wouldn’t end up begging me for fast food this time. Family life and raising children can be really hectic and draining, but it’s moments like these that make it more than worth it in the end.

Daily Image Year of Change Day 82 #YOC

I actually wore shades today rather then paint them on:). The shorts are getting super grotty.

I made it through tonight’s workout without a problem, but doing the same exercises every day is getting somewhat stale. I try to mix things up every now and then, but there are only so many unique movements you can do with your body. Everything else about my lifestyle is going great, so it would be a shame if I stopped enjoying my workouts. I’ll have to think of new ways to challenge myself and keep things interesting.

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Geo Life Meal Plan for Day 82

The meals are routine, but also exciting I try and spice it up with different peppers etc, what I would suggest is to have certain food groups you love, but use different flavours and spices to make it more delicious. Also mix up the cooked style like grilled, over backed, slow-cooked etc. I will do a full cookbook at the end of this project but for now, I am showing you core foods used each day on my wellness journey.

Geo Diet Day 82 Plan


Bananas Protein Shake (252 cal)


Kangaroo Steak
Cheddar Cheese
Mixed Salad


Cream Cheese


Apple, Pear, and Spinach Juice


Green Detox Flax Seed Smoothie

Daily Geo Lifestyle Planner Day 82

Yippee Friday, it feels like a party every weekend. I am save up my annual leave, however I think I need some now, will talk to the boss and see what’s happening next week.

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Daily Exercise Planner Day 82 Geo Life Year of Change

Quote of the Day

Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it. — Erin Gray

Day 82 of the Year of Change Wrap Up

Really happy with today , I am grateful for each and everyday, tomorrow might never come. Living for today and in the moment, controlling and influencing what you can and letting go of what you cannot control is so powerful. I slip when I am tired however I am trying and each day getting a little better.

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